Aina hates instagram hates
Aina hates instagram...

Born in a tiny village in eastern Spain, Aina is creative and open-minded, introverted sometimes, hyperactive, artistically insatiable and super wrapped in social media, it's her way of expression and source of inspiration.

Her explanation of why things happen is quantum physics, she doesn’t believe in coincidence, she thinks everything is causal and possible. She tries not to hang on and just wants to evolve.

After a few years repressing her artistic self, she studied fashion and started modeling, from there she begins to take steps towards a concrete direction.

She is always in search of something that makes her vibrate and flow, that's why she moved to London, and looking for 'fashion' she was atracted by a musical movement formed by active people without prejudices, this is what inspires her now to play and make music.

She feels uncomfortable attracting attention in certain places, but ironically she feels the need to do it in some others. In that moment her fear and insecurities disappear and then she begins to flow...

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